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Flynt® equips our clients with Actionable Knowledge® to achieve their goals. We deliver world-class research, analysis, planning, training and services that inform understanding of change and challenges and how best to seize the opportunities in them.

Leaders face diverse challenges across dynamic business environments; even a talented team may not have the specialized capabilities and experience to assess the important cultural, political, economic and other drivers behind breaking events and their impacts. Flynt’s® Actionable Knowledge® creates effective strategies to navigate your changing business landscape ensuring delivery of your objectives across the full spectrum of challenges and alternative futures.

Our multidisciplinary experts know the intense demands placed on executives during dynamic geopolitical and economic incidents; we help by providing tailored strategies tightly focused on comprehensively informing your decisions and creating desired outcomes. From identifying unexpected opportunities to designing solutions to complex problems, we provide world-class expertise in modeling your most challenging scenarios, generating and testing action and contingency plans, and equipping your team with sophisticated analysis and insights.

Flynt® specialists bring deep, relevant experience based on military, law enforcement, intelligence and academic backgrounds. We listen carefully to understand your concerns and objectives. Our team will assess your unique situation holistically, deliver risk-intelligent insights that safeguard your interests and design innovative approaches aligned with your requirements. We can help you seize the opportunity from the challenge - call us for a free consultation at 877.FLYNTGP (877.359.6847).

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