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Flynt’s® mission is to equip our clients with Actionable Knowledge® to efficiently manage risk and achieve their goals. We deliver world-class planning, training, and services that optimize your enterprise processes, reduce risk and cost, and get results.

Leaders face varied challenges in today’s dynamic business environment. Even a talented team may not have the capacity, capability and specialized experience to mitigate risk to your personnel, assets, and operations. Flynt’s® Actionable Knowledge® creates effective strategies across a global spectrum of risk ensuring delivery of your objectives.

Our multidisciplinary experts know the demands facing executives and help by crafting efficient action plans focused on outcomes. From optimizing work flows to designing solutions to complex problems, we provide world-class expertise in governance best practices, cyber-physical infrastructure protection, and enterprise risk management.

Flynt® specialists bring deep, relevant experience to enterprise problems. We listen carefully to understand your objectives. Our team will holistically assess your unique situation, design innovative approaches aligned with your requirements, and deliver risk-intelligent programs and procedures that protect your employees, assets, and operations. Our team helps you seize the opportunities in your unique challenges - call us for a free consultation at 877.FLYNTGP (877.359.6847).

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