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> Flynt® Designs City of Little Rock Crisis Management Exercise (April 2017)

> Fortune 200 Firm Selects Flynt® for Risk Advisory Services (April 2016)

> Flynt® CEO Presents at Critical Infrastructure Conference (February 2015)

> Regional Supply Chain Analysis Awarded to Flynt® (September 2013)

> Flynt® Awarded Infrastructure Risk Assessment (December 2012)

> Fortune Firm Retains Flynt® for Special Risk Services (June 2011)

> Flynt® Supports US Department of State Program (August 2010)

> Department of Energy Appoints Flynt® as a Protégé Firm (December 2009)

> Flynt® Awarded Intelligence Training Contract (April 2009)

> Flynt® Selected for Sensitive Asset Security Assessment (July 2008)

> International Law Enforcement Agency Retains Flynt® (March 2008)

> Flynt® Chosen to Assess Federal Energy Regulatory Committee Project (February 2008)

> Investment Banking and Brokerage Firm Retains Flynt® (August 2007)

> National Energy Firm Retains Flynt® (June 2007)

> Flynt® CEO and FBI Supervisory Special Agent Discuss Agroterrorism on National Radio Talk Show (May 2007)

> Private University Retains Flynt® (May 2007)

> Flynt® Awarded Defense Contract (February 2006)

> Large Metropolitan Transit Authority Retains Flynt® (January 2006)

> Flynt® CEO Receives FBI Director’s Award for Exceptional Service in the Public Interest (December 2005)

> National Laboratory Retains Flynt® (June 2005)

> Business Executives for National Security Retains Flynt® (March 2005)

> CNN Lou Dobbs Tonight Features Flynt® President (February 2005)

> Regional Critical Infrastructure Provider Retains Flynt® (July 2004)

> Fortune Corporation Conducts Senior Executive Crisis Management Exercise with Flynt® (May 2004)

> Major U.S. City Awards Flynt® Critical Infrastructure Protection Consulting Contract (March 2004)


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