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Responsive: Flynt® provides our clients the highest level of responsive support. From the initiation of our preliminary meeting through the completion of your goals to your complete satisfaction, we serve efficiently, effectively, and with responsive dedication. Flynt® is always available to our clients, on demand.

Expert: Flynt® equips our clients with Actionable Knowledge® to manage change and challenges and achieve their goals. From the asset level to the boardroom, we support our clients with the research, analysis, planning, training and services they need to understand dynamic events and scenarios, gain insights into geopolitical and economic trends and optimize their operations against a complex spectrum of possible futures. We deliver excellence.

Trusted: Integrity is our code; our discretion is absolute. We understand that we must earn and protect our clients’ trust. We do it every day. Flynt® safeguards sensitive work with strong encryption, attack- and fire-proof vaults and best practices.

Our Logo is Our Ethos: Athena is the goddess of wisdom, strategy, and skill. The black and white of our logo represents how we view matters of integrity and ethics. The crimson of our spear highlights our willingness to authoritatively address change and challenges. Finally, Athena's virtues are echoed in our mission to equip our clients with Actionable Knowledge.®


Every client's situation is unique. We address it as such.

Please contact us at:

The Flynt Group, Inc.
PO Box 20111
Kansas City, MO 64195-0111

877.FLYNTGP (877.359.6847)

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