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Flynt® provides a broad spectrum of integrated services focused on protecting personnel, assets and operations from disruption or harm, while increasing efficiency and effectiveness. We equip our clients with risk-intelligent strategies, training, and programs that improve internal controls and processes, protect people and assets, and solve even the most complex problems in ways that return on investment.

Today’s business environment presents both problems and opportunities. The principal factor in your success – or failure – is how you manage the inherent risks in both. Novel challenges confronting your enterprise demand specialized approaches and knowledge. Flynt® has unique skills and unmatched experience in helping leaders create opportunities from difficult situations.

We carefully tailor the right multidisciplinary team to directly address your needs and goals. Our teams create sustainable, efficient solutions that deliver measurable results aligned with your objectives. We enhance our clients’ competitive advantage by employing best practices that improve operations and mitigate risk.

Flynt® services include:


> Cyber-Physical Security (NIST)
> Special Assessments
> Enterprise Risk Management (ISO 31000)
> Alternative Futures Modeling, Strategy Maps, Scenario-based Planning
> Business Process Design and Optimization
> Program Development and Management
> Transformation Initiatives
> Executive Training, Exercises, and Advisory Services


> Corporate Security Program Development
> Crisis Management Training and Exercises
> Quantitative Analysis of Alternative Approaches
> Security and Vulnerability Assessments
> Threat Design and Risk Portfolio Modeling
> Regulatory Compliance


> Active Shooter Protection Program
> At Risk Personnel Protection Training
> Open Source Intelligence and Research
> Travel Security
> Security Force / Military Training and Exercises

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